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UK/EU Buyers - Your Consumer Rights

New UK/EU consumer regulations came into force in June 2014 covering online purchases and digital content. The information here is provided both in compliance with the regulation and for your peace of mind and describes how the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 affects purchases made from this website and your consumer rights.

Statutory Seller Info
SELLER: SA Media t/a BookMee  Registered Office: 3 Thirlmere Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells Kent TN4 9SS England EMAIL:  PHONE: +44(0)1892 544851 (sales only, for support queries please use email)

Description of Goods, Services and Delivery Time and Method
Our goods and services are 'digital content' available exclusively online and comprise app plugins for Facebook Pages including optional installation services, as well as online advertising display space services.

Our Apps are digital content delivered electronically to the consumer by digital download, advertising isalso digital content delivered electronically to online display space.   Purchase of our digital content online falls under the category of 'distance contracts' in relation to the Consumer Contracts(Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

This digital content is delivered electronically to the consumers within 24 hours of receipt of verified payment confirmation, it is usually instant but in sometimes additional manual anti-fraud checks are required which may result in a few hours delay if purchased outside of UK office hours. Where payment is made by Bitcoin multiple blockchain confirmation is required before payment is considered as being verified.

We display a clear description of the digital content, functionality and quantity offered along with specific pricing information on our Buy pages.

Pricing Information
Pricing information is shown on our buy pages in British Pounds Sterling, cost info is transparent and complete and includes all applicable rates and taxes and the traders (us) receiving payment gateway fees.  

Pricing for purchases made using other currency sources through third party payment gateways and countries outside the UK are subject to exchange rate fluctuation, fees and taxes which are outside of our control.  As such these items do not form part of the purchase contract and are the consumers own responsibility and at their risk.

Digital Content - Functionality and Compatibility
Digital Content is supplied by us, the trader, to you, the consumer, soley for use for the undermentioned functions;

BookMee Apps- are plugins for Facebook Pages that operate on the Woobox custom Tab platform and at time of writing are compatible with all major desktop browsers. The apps are not designed to be compatible with any other medium. Currently due to Facebook's mobile desing 3rd party applications BookMee apps are not accessible via Facebook Mobile view menus, however they can be viewed directly using the BookMee/Woobox share URL . Bookmee apps cannot be installed on mobile phones or Facebook or Pages mobile apps.

Apps are licensed for use on a single Facebook Page per purchase, unless the extended license option is also purchased which allows use on up to 100 Pages

Digital Advertising content is served exclusively to display space on BookMee Lite app footers or on the BookMee website itself.  All installation of campaigns is carried out wholly by BookMee so no user compatibility is required.

Immediate Digital Delivery / Cooling-Off Period / Rights To Cancel
The new regulation provides for a 14 day cooling-off period between your payment and provision of the digital content during which time you have the right to cancel.  Obviously the whole point of making our digital content immediately available following payment makes this an unworkable requirement, however the regulation includes a consumer rights waiver provision to enable us to provide immediate delivery of the Apps or Advertising purchased.

On our Buy pages you will now see the details of the mandatory consumer waiver - that you are agreeing to commence immediate receipt of the digital content you have purchased and that you waive your rights to the 14 day cooling-off period and your right to cancel th epurchase is lost.

Because of the nature of our digital goods and services we are NOT offering these for sale under any other terms other than immediate delivery - by proceeding to make a purchase of our digital content you are agreeing to the following consumer waiver...

"By choosing to purchase our digital goods and services you are agreeing to commence receipt of them immediately and wish to waive your rights to the 14 day waiting/cooling-off period and acknowledge that your right to cancel the purchase under regulation 29(1) of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 will be lost.  By clicking the 'Buy Now' or 'Buy with Bitcoin' button you are confirming your specific agreement to this".

In other words by requesting immediate delivery your 14 day right to cancel is lost.

Our Obligations
This new regulation does not overide other statutory consumer obligations - we, the trader, have a legal duty to supply you the consumer with digital content that is in conformity with the contract to purchase - ie goods as described on our Buy pages and on this page that works.   If you have a complaint about the goods purchased you must contact us within 14 days via our support email shown in this guide.

Further Information About Your Rights
You can read more about your consumer rights from these links