BookMee Facebook App - Frequently Asked Questions

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BookMee's powerful features provide the perfect solution to generating quality business enquiries through Facebook - but why not add the extra impact of a form customised to match your company style or incorporating great graphics of your services, products, or locations, or collect responses specific to your business needs .

We offer a full design service to customise/brand your booking or enquiry form or to create a special form with a wide range of response fields, text images, logo, colours and footer links or brand message bespoke to your needs, PLUS custom error/success screens, fan-gates and and email responses.

Get a Logo/Branded Form App for just £60.00 or a complete Bespoke Custom App for £120.00 - if you need more information about our custom form apps or design service please contact us at



What's the difference between the Lite and Pro versions?

The Lite version carries a sponsor advert - advertising helps us keep the BookMee range as cheap as chips.  The Pro version has an optional fangate to increase your Facebook page Likes and is free of sponsor advertising.  See examples HERE

Can I customise the form design?

Yes, the app form comes with 90% open source code in .html and .css to allow customisation of the form and fangate style attributes and content text (basic understanding of html and css required).

Can I add my logo or a picture to the form?

Yes - you will need a good understanding of html code, and a security certificated domain to serve the logo/picture from - that means your logo or picture URL MUST begin with httpS// not http//.   IMPORTANT Adding an uncertificated image url or any other unsecure element will cause security alerts on your users browsers and will stop your form functioning.

Can I upload my images to the form from my Facebook Photos or my PC?

It is not possible to upload an image from your PC or Facebook Photos to the form.

Can I remove the BookMee logo and link?

No.  However if you really don't like our logo or link we also offer a Vanilla version completely free of all branding. IMPORTANT!  Trying to remove the BookMee logo from the Lite or Pro versions will break your form!

Can I customise the error/sucess screens?

The email response and success/error pages are delivered by our app server so they can't be user-customised, however we offer a full bespoke app service if you require all screens and forms customised to your business.

Can I use the app on more than one Facebook page?

The app license covers use on a single Facebook page only - if you want to use them on more than one you need to buy another app.  For agencies or large organisations managing many Facebook pages we offer multi-site extended license purchase option.

What is the 'Vanilla' version?

The Lite and Pro versions both have BookMee logos for brand marketing. The Vanilla version is exactly the same as the Pro version but has no branding of any kind on it.

Does this app work on iPhone/iPad?

No, BookMee is a Facebook page plugin app not a phone app.  Facebook uses a number of different ways to acess Pages - their phone apps, Page Manager apps and also a restricted feature mobile view.  These all operate differently and BookMee will not be visible in Facebook apps - only in the desktop view of Facebook.  These are not restrictions in the BookMee app but in the way Facebook displays reduced features in their apps and mobile views.  

Can you build me a custom Facebook Page booking form for my business?

Yes we offer a full design service, please contact us to discuss your requirements at .

I have the Lite version - how do I upgrade to the Pro or Vanilla version?

At the moment there is no upgrade path - they operate as seperate apps, so if you want the Pro or Vanilla version you'll need to buy it.  We're working on improving that at the moment, but if you think you will need the Pro version features, buy the Pro version now - it's still cheap as chips

I'm hopeless at this stuff can I pay you to install the app for me?

Yes we're very happy to install the app for you for a small fee - please be aware we will need temporary admin rights to your Facebook Page to do so (it's easy to take us off afterwards).  Just add the installation service to your shopping cart when you are buying the app and we'll send you an email regarding arranging the installation.  Timescale for installation is usually 4-7 working days from receipt of payment and page access.

Will the form work on my website?

No this is a plugin for Facebook Pages.  We can also design booking or enquiry forms for most websites so please contact us if you need similar functions on your website.

Help, I broke the app - can you fix it?

The best way to fix the app is to reinstall it using the original download files and instructions.  We offer an installation service if the setup process is too difficult for you, but not a repair service, sorry. 

I've mislaid my original download files can you send me another copy?

If you have lost the original files email us with your order number and paypal email address from the original purchase and we'll send you another set within 7-10 working days.

I bought the BookingFormforFan Pages app - is it the same?

BookingFormforFanPages was the original Entertainment Booking Edition which we branded seperately for the music industry.  The BookingFormforFanPages brand has now been discontinued, and the app has been significantly upgraded - if you still have the original BookingFormforFanPages installed we recommend you upgrade to BookMee Entertainment Booking Edition to keep your app working (there have been several changes to the app to Facebook Pages and browser security settings).  

If you have not received your upgrade please email us at quoting your order number and Paypal email address from the original purchase, or tell us which Facebook page it's installed on and we'll send you the BookMee Entertainment Booking Edition replacement for the app version you purchased.

My virus program keeps deleting some of the download files - why is that?

Because of the way the app operates within the custom tab on Facebook it uses a method called iframes - depending on your virus program settings, iframes sometimes throw up a false positive in resident shield scans. Go to your advanced settings in your virus program and use the whitelist or exclude settings to exclude the app folder from the resident shield scan. The files are safe and clean and virus-free.

Can I remove the advertising?

Not from the Lite version of the app - the advertising our Lite app carries advertising that helps subsidise the cost of the whole suite of BookMee apps. We realise that not everyone wants advertising or our on their form so we also offer a Pro or Vanilla version of each app.  IMPORTANT Trying to remove the advertising from the Lite version will break your form!

What advertising is on the Lite version?

The only advertising that is carried on the Lite versions are our sponsors and partners advertising - advertising is carefully selected to be high quality, appropriate to the sector, and complimentary in it's nature.  Our Lite entertainers edition carries entertainment and event focussed advertising, our Lite General Enquiry form carries general business interest services, and so on.  All advertising is personally vetted by our MD - if he doesn't think it's right for BookMee it doesn't go on!  We do not carry any advertising for adult, gambling, meds, pyramid schemes and similar trash or anything likely to offend your customer - it's just not in our interest or nature!

I love this app - can I buy the BookMee brand/product outright?

Yes absolutely - we are in business to make money and will entertain any reasonable offer (in pounds sterling with at least 6 figures in front of the decimal place!) to .