BookMee Features

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How It Works

BookMee adds a professional and highly visible call-to-action button to your main Facebook Page menu. Clicking the button opens up a custom screen inside Facebook with a slick booking or enquiry form for the viewer to engage with your business. Each BookMee Edition contains different form elements designed to meet specific booking or enquiry requirements (see HERE for more details of each Edition)

Basic contact elements on each form are set for mandatory completion to ensure that you get good quality information from your customer, plus the phone and email fields check for valid formatting. Some editions have customisable drop down menus for date, time and specific products to help avoid any date/time data confusion. Each form includes a honey-trap to help avoid form-bot generated spam messages.

If any mandatory element is omitted or email address or phone is incorreclty formatted the customer receives an error screen asking them to check the data and resubmit

When the completed form is submitted the customer receives an instant screen acknowledgement that their enquiry has been sent successfully. They also receive an immediate email acknowledging their enquiry details with a 'we will respond as soon as possible' message and your business contact information.

The page owner receives an immediate email with full details of the enquiry and the customers contact details , which can be actioned through your normal enquiry or booking process.

General features - all versions

  • •    Adds a professional booking and enquiry form function inside Facebook
  • •    Lite version BookMee app is FREE!
  • •    Single low cost purchase for other versions
  • •    No recurring subscriptions or fees, no use limits or restrictions
  • •    Available in several editions/versions to suit most business / personal / hobby / professional needs
  • •    Customer can book or enquire without leaving your Facebook Page
  • •    Highly visible 'call-to-action' button on the top row of your Page
  • •    Convert likes, views, newsfeeds and traffic into real quality enquiries, leads, bookings, and sales
  • •    Customer sees a slick, professional enquiry or booking form - just like on a website
  • •    90% open source code - form text/style customisable to suit your needs
  • •    Large selection of tab images/buttons provided
  • •    Collects essential information from the customer in a consistent clear format
  • •    Checks mandatory data has been completed and prompts customer if missing
  • •    Checks email and phone number are correctly formatted to help prevent input errors
  • •    Sends immediate email acknowledgement to the customer
  • •    Booking or enquiry sent immediately to your business email - no need to log on to Facebook to see message
  • •    Enquiries can be actioned, redirected or distributed using you usual enquiry/booking processes
  • •    No website or server required - just a Facebook Page, the app does all the hard work.
  • •    Helps prevent commercial data leaking to competitors by enquiries being posted on your Facebook wall
  • •    Reduces vague enquiries, deters time-wasters and price researching by competitors
  • •    Optimised for all main browsers and their data security settings
  • •    Form can be accessed on mobile Facebook view*
  • •    Optimised for iPads/touch screen tablets
  • •    Anti-spam measures to help prevent form-bot spam
  • •    Large selection of tab images/buttons provided
  • •    Step-by-step easy install and set up instruction provided, with lots of screenshots to show you how
  • •    Hints and Tips provided to get the best out of your form app
  • •    Troubleshooting guide and email help support

More than just a booking form - get sharing!

  • •    Booking or enquiry form has it's own Facebook SHARE and LIKE button
  • •    Each booking form has a unique sharing URL
  • •    Add sharing URL to any FB post , blog, website for instant 'click to book/enquire' function
  • •    Use sharing URL to give click to book function on mobile view
  • •    Promote sharing URL to generate viral views of your page / booking function

Pro & Vanilla Version Features

  • •    Single low cost app purchase - Pro app is just £3.99!
  • •    No recurring subscriptions or fees, no use limits or restrictions
  • •    Adds an optional Fan Gate - enquiriers have to Like your Page to book - increases reach of your page
  • •    Customisable Fan Gate message
  • •    No sponsor advertising on forms or success/error screens
  • •    No BookMee branding or links (Vanilla version only)

Get Your Own Custom Form

  • •    We can brand/colour/logo any of the above forms to your own company if required
  • •    Bespoke custom forms available to suit specific Facebook form needs
*Not available on Facebook or Pages Apps, mobile view requires direct access using form sharing URL or by switching to desktop view in Facebook mobile menu.

BookMee Setup Requirements

You will need the following to install BookMee on your Page;

  • •    A Facebook Page (Bookmee cannot be installed on a Facebook Personal Profile )
  • •    Admin Manager rights to the Facebook Page
  • •    Be able to Read English set-up instructions (BookMee is only available in English at the present time)
  • •    Use of a desktop or laptop computer with internet connection*
  • •    Some basic computer knowledge - if you managed to set up your Facebook Page you should be OK
  • •    A plain text editor program like Notepad (in the Accessories program folder on most computers)
  • •    At least 30 mins time with no distractions (more if you are not too familiar with Facebook settings)
*You cannot install a custom tab using the Facebook mobile site view, the Facebook Phone App or the Pages phone app. It is possible to install this using a touch screen tablet PC but we recommend using a full size screen and keyboard.